The Story of Diamonds

A diamond is ancient and comes to you at the end of an extraordinary voyage. The diamonds carefully picked for Shen.London’s designs were almost certainly born over 50 million years ago.

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hekate gate pendant


Nine luminous diamonds are joined by delicate bars of white gold. Inspired by the gatekeeper goddess, the Hekate set is a marriage of simplicity and beauty. Our beautiful kissing-gate.

diana hoop pendant


The waxing and waning of the moon was our inspiration for the Diana - goddess of the moon - pieces.

The Shen London Promise

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The Story of

shen london

Our mandate was simple and set from the very beginning; to create a truly stunning collection of jewellery, which housed exclusively, the best diamonds Mother Nature has to offer.

We wanted to differentiate ourselves and go on to build a discerning clientele who value world-class brands and labels. We felt we could only do this by producing jewellery with the single-purpose of being ‘the very best & most rare’ with no compromise on quality.

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iris circlet earring


Inspired by the name, the blue of the petals, the roundness of the eye, the goddess of the sea and sky, this set encapsulates our Goddess Collection perfectly. Our signature design, Iris was created to be adorned and adored.

demeter square earring


Elegant squares of white precision-cut, colourless diamonds, inspired by the goddess of the harvest and abundance, our Demeter set is all about celebration. The richness of the full crop lavishes diamonds aplenty throughout our exclusive princess-cut suite.