the national association of jewellers code of ethics

National Association of Jewellers

We are proud to be members of The National Association of Jewellers (The NAJ). This association is an amalgamation between BJA and NAG. We feel that it is important for all UK-based jewellers to be associated, regardless of whether they are traditional retail outlets or internet retailers like us.

The National Association of Jewellers is the national trade association which promotes and protects the growth and prosperity of UK jewellery and silverware suppliers. It also provides a strict standard of ethics for its members.

NAJ represents manufacturers, bullion suppliers, casting houses, diamond and gem dealers, designer jewellers and silversmiths, equipment suppliers and wholesalers.

The BJA has given strong leadership for the industry for almost 120 years. Today more than ever, under the NAJ umbrella, it is involved in taking decisions that will shape and influence the industry’s future.

code of ethics

Code of Ethics

    1. To maintain the highest level of personal integrity, honesty and business ethics.
    2. To comply with all Government laws and regulations relating to the jewellery, watch and related industries.
    3. To support and abide by the Articles of Association and objectives of the NAJ
    4. To provide a standard of product and service of the highest possible quality commensurate with price.
    5. To establish clearly the guarantee or service policy regarding all merchandise and to fulfill that policy.
    6. To provide knowledgeable and competent expertise and clearly indicate the true quality of products.
    7. To adhere to sound business practices and thus ensure continuing service to customers and suppliers alike.
    8. To refrain from all forms of design copyright and trademark infringement.

Further information and a list of members can be found on the NAJ website.

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