Her heart skipped a beat. She felt young again. Our Hebe set, inspired by the goddess of youth, is timeless and ageless with its exclusive-cut white baguette diamonds, commissioned exclusively for our Hebe suite.


hebe pendant

The purity of childhood where dreams and magic reign. Our Hebe pendant is timeless and youth-giving with its 1.6ct elegant tower of exclusive-cut white baguette diamonds.

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hebe earring set

A 4ct stack of glorious exclusive-cut white baguette diamonds sit in an 18ct white gold frame making you feel young again. Nurture the magical child that lies within you.

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Bracelet Horizontal

hebe bracelet sets

Hebe celebrates the divine days of youth. This bracelet of 5.04ct exclusive-cut white baguette diamonds housed in 18ct white gold frames brings a renewed sense of purity and intuition.

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Bracelet Vertical

With a total of 9.5ct vertical exclusive-cut white baguette diamond stacks, this bracelet embodies all the optimism and verve of Hebe, the goddess of youth.

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