We have designed and crafted our Shen.London jewellery without compromise and foresee a time when each piece will become an heirloom in your family and a wise investment. To ensure the long life of your jewellery in the best condition possible, you need to care for it.

Firstly, put your jewellery on last when you’re getting dressed and take it off first when undressing.

Next, storage. Your jewellery came in a protective box, case or pouch. When you’re not wearing your Shen.London piece, put it back in its box or pouch. And don’t be tempted to keep a few pieces together – they can scratch each other. Keep your jewellery somewhere dry, with low humidity.

Examine your pieces regularly to ensure the settings, clasps and joinings are still secure.

Use a non-abrasive cleaner on the white gold. Don’t use bleach as it will discolour and damage the gold.

When cleaning your diamonds, wash the jewellery with hot water and washing up liquid. (Use a bowl or plug the sink first!). Then dry with a cotton or linen towel and polish with a polishing cloth.