Shen London Diamonds

World Class Quality

Every single diamond used by Shen London is hand selected by our diamond industry experts’ lead by Marie Chalmers. Shen London exclusively and uniquely only uses VS+ D/E quality diamonds so you are guaranteed that whichever piece you adorn, it will be of the very best quality and of the rarest in the world. We warranty that we never compromise on the quality of the diamonds we use in our designs, and we do not use lower grade stones in any of our collections.

Shen London jewellery design is unique, affording no compromise or tolerance towards our diamond sizes. This is why every single diamond used in our super-luxe jewellery is precision cut with the same exacting standards as the leading Swiss watch brands.

Shen London’s distinction is it’s unwavering commitment to design jewellery with an uncompromised approach to the base quality of it’s diamonds, which is often the highest grade offered in other jewellery houses. We pride ourselves on the very best being our only option.

A speedy guide to our four Cs

certified diamonds


The standard unit of weight for diamonds and other gemstones. One carat equals one fifth of a gram. Shen London will supply you with a warranty stating your total Carat weight of diamonds and gemstones with your purchase.

certified diamonds


The finish and proportions, and the overall shape of the diamond. Shen London is proud to say that all the diamonds in our jewellery are the very best and have been precision cut, with exacting standards, specifically for our collections.

certified diamonds


A measure of how free from natural characteristics, called inclusions, a diamond is. Shen London only selects high quality diamonds, VS + clarity. We feel it is important that a tiny piece of nature is left in the diamond to prove it’s natural provenance.

certified diamonds


The highest quality diamonds are colourless and nearly colourless, sometimes with tints of yellow or brown. Among the rarest are the colours D, E and F on a scale that goes to Z. Shen.London only uses the whitest diamonds, D/E colour

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