The Story of Shen London

Our mandate was simple and set from the very beginning; to create a truly stunning collection of jewellery, which housed exclusively, the best diamonds Mother Nature has to offer.

This meant seeking out the very best experts, goldsmiths and designers to collaborate and build on the Shen London ideology.

Shen London is subsequently founded on one unwavering principles – quality without compromise.

We wanted to differentiate ourselves and go on to build a discerning clientele who value world-class brands and labels. We felt we could only do this by producing jewellery with the single-purpose of being ‘the very best and most rare’ with no compromise on quality.

Often in a sea of brands the emphasis is on name, where clientele pay handsomely for brand value yet lower quality products, whereas we wanted Shen London’s entire emphasis to be on exquisite quality, every time. We also wanted to say from the start “If you buy Shen London you are, without doubt owning the highest quality jewellery, whichever piece you buy”. We set out to have no tiers of quality. Only one. The best.

Our vision to be defined in a league and class of our own organically bore our diamond product statement, which consists of only three criteria:

D/E colour

VS+ clarity

Precision Cutting

This standard alone has distinguished Shen London from other brands that offer a multitude of jewellery & diamond qualities’ to broaden appeal. Shen London’s obligation to our original mandate safeguards our core brand of singularity and originality.

Having our diamond philosophy in place, the balance between design and showcasing our beautiful stones was a huge consideration. We had chosen to stay away from intricate and over-complicated styles. Our geometrically influenced designs resulted in the most stunning and natural displays for our diamonds. Our collections were born.

Our aim is to continue to create timeless pieces, worn by discerning and in-the-know women for years to come. We wish to create and retain an allure that is uncomplicated and uncompromised, naturally appealing to women who share these qualities.

We truly hope you are inspired to own a piece of Shen London’s Mother Nature and wish you many life-defining moments wearing it.

Sheena Gill